In Market Phones we work to ensure the security of transactions with our customers and therefore we only work with the safest payment methods. All communications with sensitive data are secured by a SSL certificate. Below is a list of the payment systems available to our online store today.

Payment with Card (Credit or Debit)

The virtual POS is a device prepared to work completely safe within the operations of sales through the Internet, that is to say:

A. will Try to contact the bank issuer of the card to request authentication of the cardholder (verification of identity) before making the relevant authorization request. This ensures that only the owner of genuine owner of the card, you will be able to operate with it.

B. it Implements SSL in all communications that prevent interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all the communications established during the transaction.

C. it Also provides mechanisms to test the authenticity of origin of transactions and to prevent, likewise, the manipulation of data by third parties. This ensures the data integrity of the transaction.

D. the details of The cards are not known for MarketPhones, which avoids this information can subsequently be used by a third party fraudulently. (The best way to safeguard a sensitive information of clients is NOT to have it). This information is duly stored by the Virtual POS which, in turn, will be the payment system when necessary (for example in case of a refund).

Pay + Afternoon

Pay+Afternoon, belonging to the group Digital Origin, it is a financial entity that conducts all of its operations through Pagantis, an entity regulated by the bank of Spain. Considered as a pioneer company, at the national level, in instant credits to the consumer account with a wide experience in the financial sector and the means of payment. Their offices are located in Madrid and Barcelona and counted with more than 100 employees who were responsible for ensuring the safety and confidence of the customers.

Who manages the funding?

Pay+Later, is a payment institution regulated by the Bank of Spain belonging to the group Digital Origin and not transferred the management to any other company.

What is the cost of a financing with Pay+Later?

The interest will vary between 0% (if you assume the trade) and a 25% APR, without any other additional cost or hidden.

Who can buy with Pay+Later?
Any person over 18 years of age, with DNI (National Identity Document) or NIE (Foreigner's identification Number) and that has a bank card national.

What documents do I need to do the application?
You do not need any document as a proof of income or payroll, just to have on hand your bank card national.

Do I need to register to use Pay+Later?

No, Pay+Later is a system that provides a direct service and fast. Don't you need to pass the registration process to benefit from the service. Automatically after the recruitment, we will send you an email with the access codes to your user panel where you can manage your financing.

Last modified: November 14, 2018.