Costs, shipping methods and delivery time

The following table shows the types of submissions that exist in our web. Also you will be able to see the delivery dates estimated in the product or in the process of purchase.

Type of Shipping Estimated Delivery
(Days labarables)
PhonesAccesriosAreas of Deliveries
GOLD8 to 15 days29€14.90€Europe
SILVER10 to 15 days14.90€3.90€Europe
BRONZE25 to 40 days0€0€Europe
[Upgears] Shipping Standard3 to 4 weeks0€0€Europe

Independent of the type of shipping, all have “Track Number or Traceability.” You will be able to know the status of your shipment at all times.

From Marketphones we are constantly improving our delivery times. To check times and prices of delivery, go to the desired product. In addition, in the process of purchase will be able to know the time and price available for that product. Also, please be advised that you may consult in your account Marketphones (My Account > Order History) logistics information of your order.

The only way of delivery to your home address, without report on the future of the possibility to pick it up in the direction of the domicile of the Provider. The order will be sent to the address indicated at the time you made your purchase. The sellers do not guarantee delivery in the mailboxes.

Shipments are made from the logistics centres of retailers, all depending on the type of product and order.

In case you do not receive a package in the indicated period, we will undertake an investigation with the carrier that could last several days (the time is approximately fourteen (14) days). During this period, you can not make any forwarding or refund the order.

We advise you receive your package check that everything is ok with your order and that the packaging of the package is in perfect condition, after a firm booking, and indicate in the delivery note of the carrier, if found any abnormality when you receive it. When you open your package, if you find that the items delivered are not in conformity with your order or are damaged, please contact our Customer Service. The products delivered by the suppliers do not facilitate the process of installation and operation of the products.

All delivery times posted on the web are estimated; and, therefore, the consumer client, to accept such a circumstance.

In the case of sending to Bronze , the client consents to and expressly assumes that the period of delivery may be higher than the established maximum, without this affecting in any prejudice.

If you do not receive the consumer's order in the estimated time fixed we can outsource to make the delivery in an additional time limit suitable to the circumstances. If still it is impossible for us by circumstances beyond our control the delivery of the goods in this additional period, the consumer shall have the right to terminate the contract.

Means all sales, unless otherwise stated expressly and in advance of the sale of the consumer, the term of delivery is not an essential requirement of the contract.

If you resolved the contract, we will refund without undue delay all amounts that are paid under the same.

In the case of claims about the legal conditions of application in the sale, delivery and eventual withdrawal of products through our website, we will refer your complaint to our department those who can put in contact you in our behalf so that they can process and resolve your case.