Restrictions on categories, products and content

1. Restricted products

As a seller of it is your responsibility to make sure that both you and your products comply with the applicable legislation and policy Before you publish a product in please read the policy conditions that set out here. The examples found in these pages are not exhaustive, and its purpose is not to offer legal advice. The links indicated are for information purposes only and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on these links.

If you have any questions about the laws, rules or regulations applicable to your products, it is your responsibility to take legal advice with a trusted professional.

Keep in mind that even when a product is not picked up as prohibited, shall comply with the applicable legislation. Also, we advise you to periodically consult the policies of because that can change, restrict or prohibit products permitted by law.

In some product categories, sellers will require a pre-authorization of publication of before creating listings of products.

2. Consequences of violations

The failure of the policies of on the publication of prohibited items may result in actions on the part of, among others:

  • Cancellation of your products.
  • Limitation, suspension and/or revocation of your privileges.
  • Cancellation of your account. reserves the right to determine if a product is suitable or not. If we determine that the product or the detail page of a product include content listed as prohibited, inappropriate, or embarrassing legal purposes, we will be able to delete or modify them without prior notice, to notify later by e-mail of the motivations of the seller concerned.

3. Report a violation encourages the sellers to inform us about products that infringe the policies of or by applicable law. Through an e-mail to ls address will be able to report on these cases of any violation, begging them to include all the relevant information so that we can investigate each case.

4. Prohibited content and general restrictions

4.1. Illegal products or compromising the legal effects are: products for sale in must comply with the regulations in force. Given that sellers are responsible for their actions and transactions, the legal effects, these need to be informed about the parameters and legal requirements for the marketing of the products put on sale in, which includes the sale of products by sellers who are located outside of Spain.

4.2. Stolen property, stolen or illegally obtained: it is prohibited in

4.3. Offensive content: reserves the right to determine what products are not suitable for publication on our website by its nature is offensive.

4.4. It prohibits the inclusion of images that show nudity explicit sexual acts or any type of chart with incitement to hatred, promotion of terrorism or harassment.

4.5. Articles that do not respect the privacy of the individual: gives utmost importance to the privacy of the users. Therefore, it is prohibited the sale of articles that do not abide by or compromise the privacy of the individual.

4.6. Advertising: it is prohibited to publish products intended to operate as portals to web pages, commercial or private, that have purposes of advertising or providing information on offers that are not of and, in particular, those who do not have the tools or information about

5. Breach of the intellectual property

Are prohibited those products that violate the legislation on copyright, patents, trademarks or any other intellectual property right. Here are some examples of prohibitions:

5.1. Counterfeits: products for sale in must be true. Prohibits the sale of any copy, reproduction or product of manufacture is illegal.

5.2. Goods without a licence or authorization: all items for sale at must have the authorizations or licenses relevant to be able to market with those products.

6. Product recalls and dangerous

Since you want to ensure that the products that are offered through are safe (that is to say, there is no risk that the product causes death, personal injury or property damage), are prohibited products that have been withdrawn by the manufacturer or by a government agency. Also, reserves the right to take account of withdrawals made by government agencies of other countries.

Are prohibited products that are not considered safe. All products must have the CE mark. All electronic products should include a standard plug of two pins. In order to ensure that electrical equipment is safe, an expert has to try it before it is published to the web.

When it hits the market with dangerous goods is allowed, it shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the seller to store them and transport them correctly, following all of the safety measures required in each case.

7. Restrictions on categories, products and products

There are certain products that can not be published for sale in because they are subject to restrictions of a legal nature, or because the policy does not allow it.

In the case of some categories of products, vendors require prior authorization from before you create products products.

Policies they also prohibit certain types of content. For guidelines on prohibited content and on the breach of the copyright, see the section “prohibited Content”

8. Shipping policy direct

In general, we accept direct shipping, that is to say, we allow a third party to manage the shipment of orders on your behalf. If you intend to stop the shipping of orders in the hands of a company of this type, remember that you have to fulfill a series of requirements:

1. Noted as a seller of products.
2. Identify yourself as the seller of the products in all shipping manifests and any other documentation included in or provided in connection with these.
3. Be responsible for accepting and processing returns from customers of their products.
4. To respect the terms of your agreement as a seller as well as the policies of that may be applicable.

Examples of methods of direct shipping is not allowed:

1. Buy products to another Internet seller and to delegate to him the direct shipment to customers.
2. Send orders with receipts, invoices or other documentation indicating a vendor's name or contact information is not true, incorrect or of third parties.
3. In case of failing to meet these requirements, we reserve the right to revoke your privileges of sale, as well as the cancellation unilaterally of your account as a seller

9. Actions and activities are prohibited for sellers

General guidelines

9.1.Business names, unauthorized, and inappropriate:

The business name of seller (your name must be a name that identifies you properly, as the seller, which do not give rise to misunderstandings, and that you have the right to use (that is to say, the name may not include a trademark or infringing on a registered trademark or the intellectual property right of a third party). You also can't use a company name with e-mail domains such as .com, .net, .biz, etc

9.2. E-mail communications inadequate: it Is prohibited to send to clients e-mail messages not requested (except those which are necessary for the logistics management of the orders or to the service to the client) and messages related to marketing communications of any type.

9.3. Proper treatment of the phone numbers of the clients: allows retailers to plan sales Professional to manage their orders to access phone numbers of the customers so that they can meet the labelling requirements of the carrier. If you receive these numbers, you must comply with the policy of personal information of the client
Review this policy and the instructions below to make sure you use them correctly.

The correct treatment for the phone numbers of the clients:

9.3.1. Print them on labels to comply with the requirements of the carrier.
9.3.2. Delete any number that you keep after processing the requests of customers.
9.3.3. Monitor who has access in your organization these phone numbers; protecting this data is the sole responsibility and solely yours.

Incorrect handling of phone numbers of the clients:

9.3.4. Do not put never in contact with a customer through their phone number. To contact a customer in relation to your order, only use the Service of messages
9.3.5. Never share phone numbers of customers with third parties.
9.3.6. Never share any customer information, including phone numbers, out-of-Service messages

9.4.E-mail address direct

Customers and sellers can communicate through the messaging Service, which assigns a unique email address generated by for the two parties. Vendors are prohibited from providing or soliciting e-mail addresses direct that are not generated by in the web page in correspondence or maintained through the Service of messages

9.5.Multiple merchant accounts:

It is prohibited to possess or operate from multiple accounts "Seller MarketPhones". If there is a legitimate reason for which your business need a second account, you can request an exception to this rule.

In your request, explain why you have the legitimate business need of having a second account. So that we can study the possibility of granting this authorization:

9.5.1. You must have a separate bank account for each account of the "Seller MarketPhones". We will not accept multiple accounts of "Seller MarketPhones" that use the
same bank account in the same region.

9.5.2. Each account must have an email address independent.

9.5.3. The products and services sold at each account must be different.

9.6.Improper use of the service sales

All vendors can access sales and service and make use of it. If a seller uploads excessive amounts of data repeatedly, or use excessive or unreasonable service, it could overload the system and prevent other vendors from accessing it normally. If it were the case, could restrict or block the access to the files of products or any other functionality of the site to the seller to repeat the abuse.

9.7.Misuse of scores, comments and reviews

Do not allow any attempt of manipulation of scores, ratings, or reviews.

9.8.Misuse of the index sales:

The functionality the "best rate of sales" enables customers to evaluate the popularity of a product. Any attempt to manipulate the rate of sales is prohibited. You may not solicit or accept orders that are false or fraudulent, knowingly, or make orders of your own products. You may not offer any form of compensation to the customers who buy your products or to provide promotional codes to increase fictitiously, your rate of sales. You also can't run promotions that mention the best rate of sales of a product in the product detail page, including the title and the description.

9.9.Rise of images in which display generic products, inadequate form

The uploading of images of products that show your brand added to temporary or non-permanent, are prohibited, provided that the product is generic and that it is not marked in a permanent manner with your brand. reserves the right to remove, screen or edit any product image that does not respect this prohibition.

9.10.Create different products

Sellers can't create different products for identical copies of the same product. To publish individually the same product multiple times is confusing for the customers.

9.11.Change of price after the transaction and shipping rates excessive

It prohibits any attempt to increase the retail price of a product once you have made the transaction. Vendors may not set excessive charges of shipping or management of the order.

10. Payouts to sellers

The payouts will be made every 15 days after each order. In case of be necessary be necessary be requested the proof of delivery of each order. Proof of delivery should always be transport companies.

Last edit: February 05, 2019